Tree Warden Update

Falkland beeches - 30 years on

Beech trees, donated by The Tree Council as a Falklands memorial, were re-dedicated in December.

Tree purchases support charity

By ordering trees from Habitat Aid, Tree Wardens will be helping to boost Tree Council funds.

New format urged for TPO advice

Advice on Tree Preservation Orders is likely to appear in a new format, following recommendations.

Awards for green heroes

Tree Wardens have until 28 February to nominate heroes of the environmental movement for a 2013 Octavia Hill Award.

Tighter controls on imports

New regulations are in force to track the import of oak, ash, sweet chestnut and plane from within the EU.

New figures for Britain's ash

There are at least 126 million ash trees growing in Great Britain's woodlands, according to preliminary official estimates.

How Tree Warden sounded alarm

Tree Warden Anne Edwards spotted one of the very first confirmed cases of ash dieback in British woodlands.

House of Lords celebration

Actor Terry Molloy, aka ‘The Archers’ Tree Warden Mike Tucker, joined guests to celebrate National Tree Week.