Network developments

Welcome to Epping Forest volunteers who are pioneering the City of London Tree Warden Network as part of Londoners Love Trees.

With the support of The Tree Council, the network is being developed to expand the number and role of volunteers in helping to look after the trees and woods in the care of the City of London, starting with Epping Forest and the surrounding streets and avenues. The City of London is responsible not only for the trees in the forested areas but also for some of the individual trees growing in neighbouring streets where many of the Tree Wardens live.

The volunteers kicked off the new Tree Warden initiative in March with a training event in and around Epping Forest, led by Margaret Lipscombe and Jon Stokes, programme directors for The Tree Council.

They and the Tree Wardens went walk-about to look at trees in the area and discuss what volunteers can contribute to their neighbourhood’s treescape, including monitoring trees, caring for them and planting new ones.

The picture shows the group with Dr Jeremy Dagley, conservation manager, Epping Forest (right), looking at the stump of a large tree which had been affected by fungus.

The training session was part of a series of events that Margaret and Jon have organised for Tree Wardens from all parts of the capital as a key part of the Londoners Love Trees initiative, which is funded by Mayor Boris Johnson’s Team London volunteering programme.