New Resources

New street tree section for handbook

The latest section to add to the Tree Warden Handbook – outlining what’s involved in getting more street trees planted – is now available from local co-ordinators.

Designed to help Tree Wardens who want to be pro-active, it explains procedures that aren’t normally required when planting elsewhere.

Paving the way for street tree planting is available free to Tree Wardens who are part of local networks run by members of The Tree Council.

Books for your library

htwcoverwebHeritage Trees Wales by Archie Miles (ISBN 9781905582495). Hardback, 260 pages, £20. Published by Graffeg in association with The Tree Council, 30 April 2012.

Heritage Trees Wales is a collection of the most beautiful, historic and important trees in the country, ranging from the well-known to the rarely seen.

Steeped in history, surrounded by myth and legend and full of historical significance, many of these trees have become landmarks, dominating their surroundings with their physical and cultural presence. Others are more hidden from view.
Published in association with The Tree Council as part of its Green Monument Campaign.

SPECIAL OFFER FOR TREE WARDENS: £15 including free p & p on all deliveries to the UK.
To order phone 0800 043 0261 or go to, using the code TREE1 when making a purchase.


ntsgbookcoverCommon sense risk management of trees

Guidance on trees and public safety in the UK for owners, managers and advisers
National Tree Safety Group (ISBN 9780855388409).

This new guidance, based on extensive research, consultation and planning, provides advice for tree owners that is succinct, comprehensive and practical in its application.

It also provides advice on understanding the risks from trees, and appreciating and managing this risk with a balanced rationale. It details what is required legally for a tree owner to fulfill his/her duty of care and uses a number of case studies to demonstrate how the guidance might be applied in various situations.

Available as hard copies or PDF downloads from Forestry Commission Publications or NTSG website


lawoftrees2webThe Law of Trees, Forests and Hedges by Dr Charles Mynors (ISBN 9781847039149). Published by Sweet & Maxwell, Hardback, £130.

This second edition updates what the publishers describe as the only comprehensive reference source on the subject, encompassing private and public law, common law and statute.

They say that demand for a new edition has been driven by a new system of tree preservation orders, to be brought in under the Planning Act 2008, new procedures for dealing with high hedges, under the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003, and continuing litigation in the courts, including the recent decision that started with the words, “What is a tree?”. That decision clarified the definition of a "tree" for the purposes of the Planning Act (it includes a sapling, of any age; but not a shrub or scrub).

This new edition extends for the first time to Scotland.

Available from Sweet & Maxwell’s website