Warwick Tree Warden News

Plantation bridges the age gap

Warwick Tree Wardens joined pupils and staff from Campion School, Leamington, for a training event at Painting's Plantation in November.
Backed by a Tree Council grant, pupils planted trees in their school grounds in 2004 to celebrate the 80th birthday of the actor, Norman Painting. He played Phil Archer in the BBC Radio 4 series, ‘The Archers’ until his death in 2009.

Norman was a long-standing Tree Council Vice President and a great supporter of Tree Wardening. Leamington Spa in Warwickshire was his home town.

This November, Tree Wardens and pupils joined together to find out more about managing the newly developing woodland. They learnt about tree guards and when they have served their purpose, plus mulching, formative pruning and plant health.

Sarah Ridgeway, chair of Warwick Tree Wardens said: “It was an excellent day which brought together two communities and two age groups; getting children involved in any form of horticulture is one of my own personal objectives.

“I hope we are able to follow this up with a second session early next year to cover areas such as planting trees and pruning mature ones.”
Said Tree Council chairman Pauline Buchanan-Black: “Norman would have loved his plantation providing the opportunity for young and old to learn about trees side-by-side, and its continued growth into a valued woodland is a fitting memorial to him.”

A couple of weeks earlier five of the Tree Wardens had a stand at an Apple Day event at Hill Close Gardens – restored Victorian town gardens in Warwick.

“We provided tags for children to draw pictures on. Then they added ribbons and tied them to our tree,” said Penny Wright, pictured here with fellow Tree Wardens Joy Coop and Philip Harris.

“Children could plant acorns and conkers to take home. To encourage people to plant quince trees we gave away some of the fruit. We also had a poster of our forthcoming meeting on The Big Tree Plant and useful tree leaflets and books.”