The objectives of the WTWS are to promote public awareness of the benefits of trees in city environments and help improve and protect the treescape in the London Borough of Wandsworth through the planting, care, nurture, promotion and cultivation of trees. The WTWS hopes to achieve this by:

- providing a focal point for Tree Wardens to share ideas and develop plans for the purposes of achieving the WTWS aims;

- acting as the 'eyes and ears' for Wandsworth Council by reporting damaged / diseased trees and to help identify potential new planting locations;

- applying for grants (from national and local funding sources) to fund local tree /woodland initiatives and projects;

- where practical, working with Wandsworth Council, local community groups, businesses, and others in identifying and undertaking new tree / woodland projects;

- providing a platform from which promotional activities and, where appropriate, publicity campaigns can be launched in furtherance of the WTWS objectives.

Wandsworth Borough Council - Tree Officers

If you wish to report any matters or have questions concerning trees in Wandsworth Borough please contact the relevant individuals below:

Andy West - Area of Putney Tel: 020 8871 6346

Richard Fletcher - Area of Wandsworth central Tel:020 8871 8686

Andy Day - Area of Tooting Tel:020 8871 6397

Adam Barrett - Area of Battersea Tel:020 8871 6371

Tree Officers can be contacted by mobile in emergencies but via the office only:

Administration Officer: Suzanne Watkins .020 8871 6372

Arboriculture Manager: Pat Langley 020 8871 6370

Wandsworth Tree Warden Network

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer Wandsworth Tree Warden please contact the Tree Warden co-ordinator:

Andrew Wills

e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Phone: 0207 223 6000

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