• Postcode: LE3 8RJ
  • CountyEngland: Leicestershire
  • Coordinator: Samantha Village
  • Telephone: 0116 305 7264
  • Email: Sam.Village@leics.gov.uk

The Leicestershire Scheme is coordinated by the Stepping Stones Project, based at Leicestershire County Council. Established in the early 1981, trail blazing Leicestershire Tree Wardens were among the pioneers who inspired The Tree Council's national Tree Warden Scheme.

Leicestershire Tree Wardens are appointed by their Parish/Town Councils to the scheme. Grants are available from the County Council and the Stepping Stones project for a variety of schemes including tree planting, for further information contact the network coordinators. As coordinators we organise training and social events for our Tree Wardens as well as offering practical support and advice.

For more information contact the Tree Warden Coordinators:

Samantha Village 0116 305 7264

Andy Jackson 0116 305 7221