Basingstoke and Dean

  • Postcode: RG21 4AH
  • CountyEngland: Hampshire
  • Coordinator: Nicola Williams
  • Telephone: 01256 845616
  • Email:

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council supports forty Tree Wardens who are active in the town wards and rural parishes, where they work closely with local conservation groups.

The activity most Tree Wardens carry out is watching over the important trees in their neighbourhoods and commenting on planning applications likely to adversely affect the trees. They also report unauthorised work on trees with Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs).

In the last 12 months urban Tree Warden Julie Powell has set up a tree nursery on an allotment in the town, while rural tree warden Alison Mosson has planted more than a kilometre of hedgerow and standard trees, over 7,000 plants in total.

Most recently the Eastrop Park Tree Trail, which was originally created by Tree Wardens eight years ago, has been updated and reprinted. A tree trail is currently in progress for another of the borough's parks; the War Memorial Park.

Training generally takes place over the winter months and tree identification and trees and the law are always popular. This winter's training will concentrate on tree hazard assessment and tree decaying fungi.

If you are interested in finding out more please ring 01256 845 616 and speak to Nicola Williams.