What Tree Wardens Do

Tree Wardens need not be tree experts, only enthusiasts.

The Tree Council provides each Tree Warden with a Handbook that covers all the basics they will need to get started and all the networks provide training and run induction days. Courses cover topics such as:

  • surveying woodland and non-woodland trees
  • summer and winter tree identification
  • tree planting and aftercare
  • woodland ecology and management
  • seed collection
  • tree law.

Tree Wardens are supported in their work by their parish council or community group, which in turn will look to the Local Authority for help in matters which are beyond its resources.

The tasks in which The Tree Council recommend that a Tree Warden might become involved fall within four broad headings:

  • gathering information
  • local liaison
  • practical projects
  • protecting trees.

For more information on what Tree Wardens do and to contact your local network, go to the Tree Warden network pages.