About the Project

Londoners Love Trees is a new project that aims to get thousands of Londoners involved in growing, planting, surveying and caring for urban trees.

Opportunities range from becoming part of a Tree Warden team to being involved in London’s biggest volunteer urban tree survey. Through the project, 9000 new trees will be planted across London and volunteers will have the opportunity to receive a wide range of training in urban forestry and community tree planting.

The Tree Council and the London Tree Officers Association (LTOA) will be supporting the development of at least 5 new borough-based Tree Warden networks and recruiting around 300 new Tree Wardens over the next year as well as offering additional support to existing London Tree Warden networks.

To get things started Londoners are being challenged to get seed gathering to grow new trees – for their own patch or to offer to a good home through a new initiative called the Tree Exchange.

The Tree Council’s Seed Gathering Season starts on 23 September (the autumn equinox) and continues until 23 October. So now is the perfect time to collect local seeds to germinate over the winter and then grow into much-needed new trees for the capital. These could then be planted out in the community or offered to other neighbourhoods who need them.

That’s where The Tree Council’s London Tree Exchange comes in. Simply fill in the online form to list your spare trees or place a trees wanted advert if you need trees for a community project

The Londoners Love Trees project is a partnership between Trees for Cities and The Tree Council, supported by the LTOA and Barcham Trees. It's funded by The Mayor's Team London initiative under the Improving Quality of Life theme.