Londoners Love Trees?

Londoners who love trees have the chance to stand up and be counted at the first of a series of practical events for new volunteers to learn how to care for the capital’s green heritage.

Want to get involved in similar events, all organised in London by conservation charity The Tree Council? Then sign up and The Tree Council, which co-ordinates the national volunteer Tree Warden Scheme, will be in touch with more information.

These training events are key to the Londoners Love Trees initiative, funded by the Mayor’s Team London volunteering programme. The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has the aim to get 4,000 Londoners involved in growing, planting, surveying and caring for urban trees through this initiative.

As part of Londoners Love Trees, The Tree Council is working with the London Tree Officers Association and others to increase the role of community volunteers in planting and caring for the capital’s trees. The plan is to increase the number of London Tree Wardens by recruiting new volunteers and creating additional Tree Warden networks to help the capital’s volunteers band together locally.