Take Your Pick

chestnutsThe Tree Council's Seed Gathering Season - launched on Wednesday 23rd September and going through until 23rd October - is already in full swing, with coordinated events and informal activities taking place all over the country. This year, as well as collecting seed to grow the trees of the future, we are encouraging everyone to make the most of the autumn harvest by gathering berries, nuts and fruit to eat and make into delicious autumn treats.

Luckily, this year seems to be a particularly bountiful year; trees are laden with fruit and nuts, so there will be lots to pick with plenty left over for the wildlife that depends on it to get through the winter.

If you want to be sure that you are picking the right things in the right places, planned events, run by The Tree Council's member organisations, its volunteer Tree Wardens and other supporters, are currently taking place throughout the country. Further information can be found on the Seed Gathering Season page of the website

About growing trees from seed

For tips on successful collection, germination and nurture of 46 varieties of native tree seed, ‘The Good Seed Guide' - a booklet about collecting seeds and growing trees, with identification details - is available for £3.50 (including postage and packing)

For information about growing a wide range of common ornamental trees as well as our many native species ‘Tree and How to Grow Them'- a hardback book with colour illustrations and photographs - is also available at a special price of £10 (including postage and packing)