National Forest Company

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The National Forest is a forest in the making, transforming 200 square miles of central England. It is a bold project, blending new and maturing woodland within a wide variety of landscapes, presenting opportunities for many to take part in its development. It is:

  • an inspiring example for the country, in the face of climate change and other environmental pressures
  • a place of enjoyment and learning for residents and visitors
  • a place of contrasts, for quiet relaxation and active leisure
  • a working forest providing new and sustainable livelihoods.

The National Forest Company (NFC) leads the creation of The National Forest by

  • attracting and using resources for ambitious, sensitive and imaginative Forest creation
  • providing the setting for new businesses, recreation, tourism and an improved quality of life
  • enhanching wildlife and biodiversity.

The NFC works through working partnerships with landowners, businesses, public, private and voluntary organisations and local communities to fulfil the shared vision for the Forest. It promotes the widest possible participation in and enjoyment of the Forest.

The NFC promotes at international, national and local levels the experience and knowledge emerging from this inspiring and ambitious project.

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