Trees for Schools


Thank you for your interest in our Trees for Schools Fund, part of our Tree Futures grant programme.

This grant is open to all Schools within the United Kingdom with pupils aged sixteen or under.

For ideas to inspire children to plant trees in their schools and celebrate this experience creatively as part of their curriculum, see our Tree Ties CD.

If you would like to plant any fruit trees, please look at the information about our Orchard Windfalls Fund.

Grant Eligiblity Criteria

  • Projects must fall between £100 and £700
  • Children under the age of 16 must be ACTIVELY involved in the planting process
  • Schools must be local authority run or registered as a 'not for profit’ organisation (including a community interest company, a charity organisation or a social enterprise)
  • The School must be able to raise 25% of the planting costs
  • Hedge plants and willow are not eligible for funding
  • Fruit trees are not eligible for funding under this programme
  • Applications in respect of work already carried out are ineligible
If your project meets all the criteria listed, you are eligible to apply for a grant.


For further information you can download the application form for 2014 here. However, the deadline for new applications is now closed.