Community Trees


Thank you for your interest in our Community Trees Fund 2015, part of our Tree Futures grant programme.

This grant fund is open to community groups, both formal and ad hoc, within the United Kingdom. Please ensure that children under the age of 16 are included in the planting project.

We will fund up to 4 fruit trees (but no more than that) on semi-vigorous, vigorous and very vigorous rootstocks. If you wish to plant more than 4 fruit trees, please look at the information about our Orchard Windfalls Fund.

Community Trees Fund 2015 Eligibility Criteria:

     - Applications must be on behalf of a community group which must be a charity / not for profit organisation;
     - Children under the age of 16 must be ACTIVELY involved in the planting process;
     - Planting must take place on publicly accessible land, usually in public or charity ownership;
     - The community group must be able to raise 25% of planting costs;
     - Hedge plants and willow are not eligible for funding;
     - This programme will only fund up to 4 fruit trees on semi-vigorous, vigorous and very vigorous rootstocks;
     - Planting must take place during National Tree Week (or as soon as possible afterwards);
     - Applications in respect of work already carried out are not eligible.

If your project meets all the criteria listed, you are eligible to apply for a grant.

For further information you can download the Application Form and accompanying guidelines for the Community Trees Fund 2015 here.

The deadline for applications is the 31st of March 2015.