What We Do

Community Action Programme

Events are held across the UK every year by groups organising local events for Seed Gathering Season, National Tree Week, and Walk In The Woods; these initiatives are aimed at involving as many people as possible in planting, caring for and enjoying trees and woods.

Tree Warden Scheme

Fundamental to community action is The Tree Council's Tree Warden Scheme. Our 8,000 Tree Wardens form a national force of volunteers in local networks, dedicated to their communities' trees. They organise activities, fundraise, research and advise on trees and related topics. Contact details of all our Tree Warden Coordinators can be found on the Near You map.


We work with our partners, member organisations and Tree Wardens, on particular issues of concern such as the Green Monuments Campaign, a drive for proper safeguards for heritage trees; the Tree Care Campaign for after-care to improve the survival rates of young trees and the Hedge Tree Campaign in support of the Government Biodiversity Action Plan.

Planting Grants

Planting with children. The annual public grants programme, through which funds are made available for schools and communities to improve their environment and learn about the importance of trees (Tree Futures), ensures that children under the age of sixteen are given the opportunity to get some hands on experience of tree planting, creating a new generation of tree enthusiasts with pride in the improvements they have made to their local ground. Our Orchard Windfalls programme is designed to grant-aid local groups and schools that have an orchard project that they want to realise through educational planting projects with children. 

Member organisations. We also raise funds to distribute through our member organisations and Tree Wardens for woodland wildflower and bluebell planting (Understorey Underwriting), tree planting (the Tree Bank) and hedge and hedge tree planting (Hedge Fund).

Communities. We work with corporate partners who, as a necessary part of their business activities, are unavoidably required to trim back or remove trees and disturb or build onto green spaces. They become investors in our Green Credit Scheme and deposit funds with us so that we can reinvest them in planting schemes in those places that have been affected by their work..


The Tree Council's members range from voluntary and community organisations and non-departmental government bodies to local authorities and key government departments, all concerned with trees, biodiversity and the environment in general. We aim to develop channels for dialogue and co-operation between professionals within this wide membership, to mobilise the sector to develop and influence policy, enhance performance within the tree sector and improve communications between organisations to prevent isolation and maximise impact.

Publications and News

We also publish books, written to inform our volunteer Tree Wardens and other interested people about a range of tree-related topics. Our magazine, Tree News, is sold in branches of WH Smith and selected independent outlets as well as on direct mail.