Tree Care Campaign

21 March - 21 September 2015


The Tree Council's national Tree Care Campaign runs from March to September and highlights the need for better care for all trees, in order to ensure their survival and increase the number reaching maturity.

It was launched in 1999 to urge anyone who has planted trees in the past 5 years to revisit them and carry out a few simple tree care tasks, such as clearing weeds, mulching and checking ties. These actions can save young trees from dying and allow them to develop into mature trees that enhance our urban and rural landscape, provide shade and local climate change, and support biodiversity.

During Seed Gathering Season seeds are collected and sown, to grow into trees that can be planted the following year as part of National Tree Week. Unfortunately, these newly planted trees are very vulnerable and thousands of them die every year due to the lack of a few minutes of timely care. This illustrates the vital role of the Tree Care Campaign in the long-term effectiveness of Seed Gathering Season and National Tree Week.

Everyone can do something to help young trees survive in those critical first 5 years. If you are interested in caring for your local trees, see our useful tips on tree care by downloading the attachments at the bottom of this page. Also, don't forget to advertise your activity by using our free 2015 poster and by listing your Tree Care Campaign event on our website.

On 26th March 2013 the government published its Chalara Management Plan. The Tree Council has produced a summary, which is intended as a practical guide to the plan; this document can be downloaded here

The Tree Council has also produced a helpful guide to spotting the signs of infected ash trees. An annotated photo ID guide for summer and a winter photo ID guide showing you all the symptoms of ash dieback to look out for can be downloaded further down this page. 

Download attachments: