Hedge Tree Campaign

Trees Matter - Tag Them

Hedge trees are traditionally part of the UK landscape and havens for wildlife. Yet, of an estimated 1.8 million hedge trees, nearly a third are over a century old and may disappear from the landscape at any time over the next 25 years. Without an immediate effort to establish new hedge trees, there will be profound changes to the UK landscape and its biodiversity.

With the help of its 8,000 Tree Wardens and over 180 member organisations - including many local authorities - The Tree Council launched a countrywide Hedge Tree Campaign supported by Network Rail. This increased the awareness of why hedge trees matter, helped to halt their decline and assisted the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) in meeting an important National Biodiversity Action Plan target - to ensure there is no net loss of hedgerow trees in the UK. To find out more about hedge trees see The Tree Council publication The Hedge Tree Handbook.

Hedgerow Saplings Matter

One way to grow the hedge trees of the future is to mark saplings with easy-to-see tags. To obtain free hedge tree tags (while stocks last), please contact us.

In the past hedges were used as larders of healthy seasonal food – The Hedgerow Harvest project seeks to reconnect people to this heritage of free local healthy food. To find out more go to the Hedgerow Harvest website.